Sunday, May 11, 2014

뮤직 Mju:zik - first impression

   Mnet released new music show, called [mju:zik]. It's hard to judge whether the show survives or not, but this one has a very unique premise which may turn out as just the right thing or, on the contrary - bring the downfall.

   Usually, the music shows have hosts and this one has none. It's a mixture of a quasi documentary style and performances. The show opened with slides with questions and answers which were given by some random people around Seoul. Like: what is music to you, when you listen to music, what kind of music etc. For me the formula of the show clearly expresses the inability of everyone to classify the music in the sphere of people's lives. This episode was divided thematically marked by those slides. At first we had "You Raise Me Up" song sung by Park Jeonghyeon, then she sang a cover of Cho Young-pil's song. Despite "You Raise Me Up" being a Christian song and this "You" in it is not music per se but God, it applies to music. Test? Replace "you" with "music" in lyrics and everything makes sense. The crescendo was well done in this version.

   Music is "something like a friend" (from the first picture), music gives you perseverance in difficult times, it moves you, it expresses every, even the most subtle feeling. What's more - it touches the tiniest strings of emotions buried deep down in ourselves we sometimes had no idea we had.

   As I said, the show has no host, the artists sing two songs and they do the introduction themselves. There are well known artists like YB (as the last segment here, Yoon Do-hyeon's band, if there are some who don't know the gentleman), but sometimes complete rookies, unknown faces grabbed right from the Hongdae area, it seems. Only one artist that didn't get the second song was trot gentleman, Seol Undo, who sang a song in a touching "family" segment of the show.

   I will be watching it, to just check how the show is progressing.

Trot in Family part:

Shin Chirim (first song):

And YB, the second song: