Sunday, April 07, 2013

When A Drama Flashes Abs

  Little did I expect from #WhenAManShowsHisAbs that is When a Man Loves To Show His Abs except for abs, and abs I got. I don't even know what's going on with the plot. OK, I get the basis, like there is this gangster with dove's heart and this hardworking girl...
It's quite fast, and maybe it's a new trend among Kdramas, because usually it takes around 4 episodes to lay out the whole intrigue, and we got proposal by the end of ep 2. This may be also a trap, because writers may use up all their stuff earlier than expected and last 3 eps may be just filled with flashbacks, sobbing, brooding, noble idiocy, accidents, you name it.

   Managed to get out from Kdrama slump, however put everything on hold (eating included) when I started on Friday Love Contract and watched it all in two days, sobbing by the end as the ugliest creature on this planet. Since my currently watched TWdramas air once a week, maybe I'll have time to watch current Kdramas? Or maybe not, because I still have heaps to catch up with.

   When a Man Shows His Abs... well, uri gangster proposed to hardworking girl without slightest consideration for her own feelings. So I guess the remaining 14 eps will be filled with him courting her, her rejecting him, third and fourth parties, until they finally realize their mutual feelings just to get killed by a white minivan on a sidewalk. Minivan behind the wheel of which Kim Sung-oh will be sitting for giving him 10 minutes in the entire series.

   Watching also The End of The World and it's so awesome I'm practically speechless and can't find any flaws with it. Yes, we have a virus, yes, we have possible chaos. Well played, jTBC, well played.
Plus, the main lady reminds me a bit of mini-cutie that is Ryu Deokhwan, so I find her endearing^^

   And when speaking of jTBC, Cruel Palace/War of Flowers/Palace Wars... luscious colours, fabulous acting (for most of the part) and intricately woven plot. For every sageuk/intrigue lover out there. If you like chinese palace dramas with their scheming ladies, well, this is just for you. Also, what I especially like with this station's dramas - outdoor shooting, lots of scenes on open air, and they're not afraid to waste their airtime to film some cute rabbits too.

On my way to check #AllAboutSHK, that is All About My Romance, so no opinion as for now.