Saturday, March 27, 2010

46th Baeksang Awards: KNG^^

46th Daesang Awards are the history.
And pleeeze, Best Newcomer for KNG?? He's no newcomer, not for me at least.

So, first of all, IRIS is not the best drama of 2009, and LBH is not the best actor of 2009. But that's my personal opinion and I'm gonna defend it till the bitter end. "City Hall" was by far better, "Cain and Abel" was better. If I should name the best drama actor in the last year it would be Kim Nam Gil.
This year? Shin Ha Kyun for Harvest Villa, even though the year has just began, I don't care, he's one of the best out there.

Daesang Award (TV)
Go Hyun Jung (Queen Seon Duk)

Daesang Award (Movie)
Yun Je Gyun (Haeundae)

Best Actor (Movie)
Ha Jung Woo (Take Off)

Best Actress (Movie)
Ha Ji Won (My Love By My Side)

Best Actor (TV)
Lee Byung Hun (IRIS)

Best Actress (TV)
Kim Nam Joo (Queen of Housewives)

Best Movie
Take Off

Best Drama

Best Variety Show/Sitcom
High Kick Through The Roof

Best Documentary
Tears of the Amazon

InStyle Award
Son Ye Jin

Best Newcomer (TV)
Kim Nam Gil (Queen Seon Duk), my heart, my poor heart. A Newcomer??
Hwang Jung Eum (High Kick Through the Roof)

Best Newcomer (Movie)
Lee Min Ki (Haeundae)
Jo Ahn (Lifting King Kong)

Popularity Award (Television)
Lee Seung Gi (Shining Inheritance)
YoonA (Cinderella Man)

Popularity Award (Movie)
Jang Geun Suk (Itaewon Murder Case )
Choi Kang Hee (Goodbye Mom)
(credits: allkpop)

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