Saturday, February 06, 2010

Korea Net

I would like to recommend this website to everyone interested in Korean culture modern and old, politics, economy and history. I would like to thank everyone involved in it for possibility to download the pdf versions of periodicals and some books. It is not everyone would do. Much appreciated. I read all I could gather from there, and I'm regular there. Link to is on My Links panel.
I recommend vol 14 no 10 from 2009. Why?
The cover story is on Ahn Jung-geun, who is treated like a hero in Korea, and like a traitor and insurgent in Japan. He killed Ito Hirobumi.
After reading few articles, everyone can reach one's own conclusion. Who Ahn Jung Geun really was?
Was his actions useful or futile?
Link to page with this issue:
Hit periodicals, and find this issue. You can read it or download it^^